Friday, October 10, 2014

Anyoung! Finn's First Birthday

The first birthday in the Korean culture is called a Dol or a Dolijanchi.
I had the pleasure to design the invitations for the cutest little man Finn's Dol.
His mom Sandi explained to me that Finn was born in the year of the black snake, which only happens once every 60 years… pretty special! I wanted to incorporated the snake into the design, but how do you make a black snake cute for a babe's birthday party?

Enter this little fellow!

There is a special ritual performed at the Dol where the babe is placed in front of a bunch of different options and then the whichever object the babe picks it will predict the child's future. Finn's objects were a stethoscope (doctor), microphone (entertainer), golf ball (athlete), book (scholar) and ball of yarn (longevity). There was little bins that the guests could put their guess in what he would pick. Finn chose the microphone! Pop star Finn!

There was a giant chalk board and pumpkins to paint that kept all of the kids entertained and occupied. There was also a ballon artist that made this sweet creation for my little babe and a face painter. My kids didn't need any paint on their faces since they had more than enough paint from the pumpkin painting.

It was a perfect fall afternoon and I was happy to be apart of the process, helping Sandi with the invitations. I also designed fun thanks you cards to tie it all together. Happy Birthday Finn!
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