Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Minted Holiday Card Challenge

I have recently become apart of an amazing community of designers on Minted.com.
All of the cards, stationary and paper goods sold on the site are created by indie designers like myself.

Minted runs design contest and some of the prizes are determined by their customers.
Right now they are running the Holiday Card Challenge.
I would love if you could take a minute to look at their site and VOTE on one (OR FIVE!!!) of my designs. You should really vote on a bunch. There are some really beautiful holiday cards.

  holiday photo cards - Noel Blocks

Holiday 2014 by Nicolette Myslinski, see more Minted

Here are some designs that I didn't do but I think are so great!

So very cool by Nicolette Myslinski, see more Minted
Designs by GeekInkPhrosné Ras and Jill Nobles

So take a minute to check out all of the beautiful designs and vote for me! I'll love you forever!

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