Thursday, February 13, 2014

Luna's First Birthday Invites

My little Luna Jane celebrated her first birthday in January. When I thought of Luna and the party I wanted to create for her, I thought of sparkles and the color Gold. I created her invitation from a picture that Q Stern took during our family photo session.

I also designed stickers for everyone to wear...

We chose to have a dessert party in the middle of the afternoon. There was tons of sugary snacks, a couple of appetizers and a couple of bottles of champagne to celebrate the fact that Ray and I kept another babe alive and thriving for a whole year! First birthdays are about the parents more than the babes!

A couple of more pictures and touches from the party...

One year of Luna pictures.

I pretty much had to bribe the lady at the dollar store to fill up this huge #1 balloon.
Damn helium shortage.

My favorite picture of the day. 
Holden screamed when we sang Happy Birthday to him, but Luna loved being the center of attention! And she loved her cupcake.

I guess its time to start planning the next party! 

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